Swimming Classes

Parent and toddler swimming classes

These classes are an ideal way to introduce your child to the water in a fun and exciting way whilst building upon the bond of a parent and child. Through play the toddlers will become confident in the water thus making the transition to the next stage easier to achieve.

Super Tots, Mini Tots and Tiny Tots!

These group classes have been specially created to provide an easy transition from parent and tots to the Swimrite level graded scheme for children below 3 yrs.  With children attending parent and toddler sessions from an early age, as their confidence and skills develop these young skilled children needed to start structured classes earlier than 4 and a half, so Super Tots was created.  Our Super Tots classes have a maximum of 5 swimmers per teacher, with the teacher again in the pool. It is aimed to build confidence in the water with in a fun but safe environment with the child on their own and not with their parent/carer. Swimming Classes are small and having the teacher in the water reassures the young swimmers as well as enabling a more hands on learning approach.

Weekly Term Time Learn to Swim Lessons

With our unique grading system Swimrite offers weekly term time quality swimming classes for all abilities, using our unique grading system. Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration with very small class sizes (5 children in our Tots program rising to 6 later in more advanced sessions), this guarantees individual attention for each child.

We believe that teaching in a fun and friendly way will ensure the children learn the life saving skill of swimming and progress quickly. At Swimrite we have our own unique grading system running throughout our swimming program. Each grade is aimed to teach children valuable skills which are developed upon further into the program. Through careful planning and experienced knowledge we believe we have created a very comprehensive and skilled program that clearly shows progression in sequenced achievable stages.

We operate at a range of venues around the Dudley borough and currently offer weekly term time lessons on: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Swimrite Swimming Classes
Swimrite Swimming Classes
Swimrite Swimming Classes

Holiday Intensive Swimming Courses

Intensive courses are a great way to start your child off on their swimming journey or they can offer your child a boost within their term time swimming classes which will allow them to progress faster and become more confident. The course will run the entire week (Mon-Fri) offering all Swimrite graded lessons. By swimming every day this will have a huge impact upon the swimmers water confidence and swimming ability. Sessions will be ½ hour long so using the swimmers maximum attention span to the maximum.

From experience the more regular a child gets into the swimming pool the faster their confidence and skills develop.

Holiday Courses

Other optional holiday courses will be offered with different badges in swimming that branch away from the regular learn to swim lessons. We aim to cover a wide variety of water skills to stroke skill badges, all of which will follow the National governing body of Swimming ‘The Armature Swimming Association’ (ASA) guidelines and will be supported by the ASA certificates and badges.

1-2-1 Swimming Classes

Our 1-2-1 swimming classes will be specifically tailored for each individual swimmer and their ability so they progress at their own rate. Their teacher will concentrate on specific areas that the swimmer finds difficult or challenging.

This is the ideal lesson for those who have confidence problems, a disability, concentration issues or for those who just request greater interaction with the teacher than offered in group sessions. Our aim is to build confidence on a 1-2-1 basis with the teacher and child therefore a foundation of trust is developed which aids the rapid swimming process.

1-2-1 sessions are also an excellent way to look at issues the individual may struggle within their regular swimming lessons.  Eg, breast stroke kick etc.


This is a new class that has been created to encompass those who have completed the lower Swimrite Grading system and wish to continue swimming as a regular sport outlet without the commitment of joining a swimming club.

These classes will be taken by a fully qualified teacher/coach who will continue to develop stroke and technique skills to the same level of quality to which you have become accustom to throughout other areas of Swimrite. As always lanes will be ability graded. Other skill classes being stroke specific will also be offered on a weekly rolling rota as well as half terms classes to develop specific areas of strokes/skills.

Adult Learn to Swim

These classes are specially designed for those adults who never learnt to swim or for those who lack confidence in the water.

Classes are small and the teacher is in the water with you. The teacher will rotate through out the group on a 1-2-1 basis therefore you will get individual feedback through out the lesson. It is never to late to learn this life saving basic skill.

Waves Swimming Academy

Swimrite is proud to be partnered with Waves Swimming Academy who offer specialised swimming classes. These classes form the basis of specific stroke and skill development sessions e.g. Breaststroke Technique or Backstroke Turns. Aimed at those who are competent in swimming and now are looking to develop good technique whether they are associated with a swimming club or not. All strokes will be individually looked at – free, fly, back and breast with the addition of other sessions looking solely at turns (individual and medley) dives and all starts.

Rooky Life Saving

Rooky Lifesaving is the first step in how to save the lives of others when they are in danger. You do not need to be a outstanding swimmer to complete these sessions. They are fun and very different to your previous swimming session experiences.

If you are looking for something different but still within the aquatic arena these are the sessions for you. Super fun, but with a life saving purpose.